Tuesday, October 12

Project: AK-47

So, for the last month or so I have been spending Tuesday afternoons putting together merchandise orders for an organization call Project: AK-47. Basically, it's an organization that raises awareness and funds, helping to free children around the world from living as child soldiers.

Right now, when people make a donation of $10, they receive dog tags with a child's name, age, and country imprinted on them. As I have packaged these orders, I have been reading the dog tags. Some of these boys and girls are as young as six years old. I think of my little first graders. I can't even imagine.

Here is one story out of the many: Neso's story

If you are not at all aware of what goes on in places like Burma, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, check out this website: http://www.projectak47.com/ . When you realize the gravity of what is really going on, your life will never really be the same.

"WEAR THEIR REALITY." Project: AK-47's dog tags for child soldier advocacy from PROJECT: AK-47 on Vimeo.


Rebekka Seale said...

Wow, April. I'd love to hear more about this project.


April said...

Hey, Rebekka! Yeah, it's been really great to learn more about them. You can check out their website at http://www.projectak47.com/ . Also, they're having an event this Friday night. Here's the link to that: http://projectak47blog.com/2010/10/06/save-the-date-rock-your-tags/ I'll be going if you want to join me. :)