Sunday, November 6

Today I...sat on the beach for 3 hours...fought off a swarm of what can only be described as sand flies (they won, I moved down the beach)...sketched two pictures...stopped for chai and a blueberry bran muffin at Seattle's Best...had to turn around after getting lost in my car...bought two new cd's at Wal-Mart... listened to the sounds of the ocean...people the Bible...wrote part of a story...sat and reflected on the blessings that God has brought into my life. Posted by Picasa


Greg said...

Your car must be rather large if you got lost in it. Okay yeah that was a lame joke. But anyway, hope you are doing good. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I haven't talked to you in awhile.

April said...

Lol...sounds like something I would say. :) Good to hear from you.