Monday, April 2

Hot Topic

"Miss T., I found you a husband."

Even though we were standing in line in the hallway and my students were supposed to be standing without talking, I had to hear the rest of this one. So I asked this little guy..."Really, where did you see him?"

"At the store," he said. "He's a Marine. He was dressed in his uniform."

"Did you tell him that you had a teacher who needed a husband?" I asked.

"No, I didn't tell him."

"What did he look like?" I asked, hoping for some good information. :)

"Well, he was wearing a uniform."

"Was he taller than me?"


"Was he shorter than me?"


"What color were his eyes?"


"How are we going to meet?" I asked again.

"I don't know, but I found him for you."

I thanked my student for the good find, flattered that he would be looking out for me even on the weekends. :)

I never bring up the subject, but out of the blue, usually in the middle of math or some other tedious project.."Miss T., how you 27 and you ain't got a man?" These kids are on a mission this year. They have written books for me on how to find a husband. They have drawn pictures of my wedding day and dates I should go on, etc. When the single police officers walk the hallway they make sure to ask me loud enough if I like him or not. Some even claim to know what my husband's name will be. So if there are any Steve's or Jerome's out might want to leave me a

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Stephen said...

Well my name is That was a cute entry. I guess this is more healthy than if you were spending all sorts of time drawing pictures of your wedding day and all that. Hey btw I am blogging about my road trip so link my blog if you would and leave a comment or two :)