Monday, October 22


These moments come too few and far know...the ones where the only thing I can do, is ignore my to do list and sit in the silence after listening to a few amazing worship songs...and think...there's more.

I am realizing that my perspectives have remained small. My expectations have been slightly off course. And I realize that I have put others above Him. I have respected their thoughts and opinions more than I have waited on His. I have not let His perfect love define me. I have hidden in fear of being rejected or put aside. And I'm not really sure why. But I'm ready to face this. I'm ready to become the Ruth that slept at Boaz's feet, the Esther who boldy entered the courts of her king, the Rebecca that left everything she knew to marry Isaac, the Mary that trusted the word of God. They did not let their fears define them. Instead, they let their love for God define the course of their lives.

I have said many times recently, "I feel so much like that wave tossed back and forth". And I hate that thought because the book of James says that that person should not expect to hear anything from God. And then just the other day I read that verse again. It is the person who doubts who becomes that wave.

Have I been doubting? Have I been asking without believing? I am sure that it is all too true.

Here's the heart of it all: I have been allowing my desires to speak above His answers. All of my "what if's" have come to the forefront. And really, as I have allowed them speak louder than the words of has become sin. No wonder I have not been at peace. No wonder my heart has not been at rest. Because it is only when we set our hearts on God, on drawing near to Him, that He gives us the desires of our hearts. Not the other way around.

The Lord keeps saying to me..over and whom much is given, much is required. And I believe that this will sum up my life. He has already given me so it's my job to believe Him, follow Him all the days of my count the cost, to run after His heart, to show the plan of rescue to those who are in need Him. And I will. I will follow Him. No matter what. Because if I turned back now...there would be nothing to live for.

There is more. There is always more. I said this to my good friend Jilli tonight. We have as much of God as we want. We have as much of His plan as we choose to embrace.

And so tonight, I choose not to wallow in my unanswered plans and desires. I choose to set my heart on the author and finisher of my faith. I choose to believe that His love IS and will always be...enough.


Anonymous said...

Hi love~
Its early in the am and I couldnt sleep, so i hopped on my computer. And what better to do in the peaceful quiet of the morning than to catch up on some much needed reading from the life of my precious friend! Its been a little while since Ive had time to sit and absorb the beauty and depth of your words... and tonight, or this morning (whatever this is)...i have been blessed. Im not even sure which blog to comment to, they are all so warm, and honest, and alive with truth. Simple, yet like a flood dousing every part of the heart. Im on the third one down and each one has just been a blanket of truth covering my anxious heart, quietly stilling it by your reminder of the God who brings peace. The God who speaks. The God we can trust. I dont even know how to thank you for sharing your heart on here. But thank you. You have a breathtaking way of capturing the revelation of the Fathers heart. Love you April. Miss you so much :)

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