Wednesday, November 7

A Poem (or Poems) for the Evening

We wrote 5 W's Poems in class today. (Who, What, When, Where, Why) I think this type of poem reminds me of Wes. It captures a great deal of thought in very few words.

am still waiting
through days and nights
in my heart of hearts
because it is hard to give up hope.

Here is another:

listened to my words
that day
in the midst of other activities
contemplating, I suppose, what it might be like.

looked into his eyes
that same day
at the table where we sat
hoping to invest in more moments of just the same.

And another:

That city
has been calling my name
for six years
from some place deep within
unwilling to let me stay where I have settled in.

One more:

help me to rest from worry
in the patterns of my thoughts
I need to trust you.

feel better
at my computer
my thoughts creatively expressed and standing on their own.

It's hard to stop writing these poems....hehe. :)

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