Tuesday, July 12

Los Angeles was a fun trip. Granted, I did not have my luggage for the first day, but it all got worked out. My friend Zoe always takes good care of us when we go out to visit her. She brightens my world with things I would not think about otherwise and for that I am glad. My friend Angela brings joy and adventure to every situation. All three of us have an agreement that every year we will visit and spend time catching up with each other. This was the third year of our tradition. To commemorate, we have begun a scrapbook documenting momentous occasions and highlighting our adventures. We joke, because of the traveling pants movie, that our scrapbook is to be a traveling scrapbook of sorts.

We did have a star sighting while out and about. Zoe, Angela and I went to eat a little sandwich shop in Brentwood and ended up sitting two tables away from Josh Brolin and Diane Lane and their two kids. I wouldn't have even known except for the fact that Zoe and Angela recognized Diane Lane. We couldn't put our fingers on who Josh Brolin was until we got home to do some research. Just today I realized that he was "The Kid" in Young Riders a looong time ago. He was definitely one of my favs. I'm more excited about seeing him now than I was when I actually saw him. Oh well. :)

We also got to hang out with some friends from college who are now recording out in L.A.! I didn't know them all that well but enough to be proud of how much their hard work has paid off. Zoe invited them over for lasagna and good 'ol game of Cash Flow. Cash Flow is a game that teaches you how to invest your money and get out of the rat race. Fun and educational...didn't know they could go in the same sentence when it comes to learning about money. :) Check out Edison Glass...I especially love their songs "When All We Have is Taken" and "Comfort".

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