Tuesday, December 20


I went to church Sunday night. I hadn't planned to, but five minutes before 6pm I thought to myself, "well, why not?" Church is only about five minutes down the road so I wasn't very late. And wouldn't you know that there was a reason for my being there?

Everything I wrote about and all of things I have been wrestling with were addressed during the service. Simply. Amazing. I never cry when it seems like the right moment to cry. But last night I was crying in my seat simply because God was moving on my heart.

The missionary who spoke shared about David being anointed three separate times in his life. David did not go after the men who came to anoint him. Those men came to him because they were sent by God. David didn't have to become king in his own strength. God had already appointed him to be king and brought it to pass in His own time.

All of a sudden, I realized that I have been striving for things in my own strength and understanding. If God has called it to pass then it WILL come to pass...whether it is a relationship or a ministry or a career opportunity or whatever. God's will is God's will and if we abide in Him we will not miss what He has purposed for our lives.

I have not been trusting Him like I should. I have been planning my own life and I have been afraid when I have not seen my plans come to pass. What a difference it has made today just to trust God to take care of my life and bring me to place He wants me to be and to bring the people into my life that He has called to be there.

All I have to do is abide in Him.


Anonymous said...

1:35 am? april, beauties need their beauty sleep! -wen :o)

Greg said...

That's good stuff. Really needed to hear that. Thanks for sharing.