Tuesday, December 6

I Want to be a Cartoon

A few of my boys were having a serious conversation about their futures today. They were sharing their drawings with each other, which happens quite often. I'd have to say that they are pretty talented for their age. W. spoke up saying he wanted to be a teacher when he got older. C. responded, "You want to be a TEACHer?" "Yeah, like Mr. McD. the math teacher," said W. Charlie looked right at him, "man, you should teach art...you're good at it." "No way," W. said seriously. All of a sudden, a little guy in the class with dreads pulled up in awkward ponytails, glasses, and an unbalanced walk, passed by the table. He said very confidently, "Well, I want to be a cartoon!" The serious conversation stopped, we all looked at each other and laughed. After pulling this little guy back to the table we decided that he could do voice overs and be the inspiration for a cartoonist's illustrations. I'm glad at least a few of them still have the ability to think outside of the box. :)


Anonymous said...

LOL I absolutely love that story! :)happy teaching april!

Amy said...

Very funny! I love it!

Sounds like your students still manage to teach you stuff. :)