Tuesday, June 21

Mom and I were walking along the beach and picking up shells yesterday, when all of a sudden a pigeon crash landed into her. How many birds have you seen run into your mother? The whole scene was a bit comical. As we crowded around the poor bird, it would not move, except for flapping its wings only once. We couldn't tell what was wrong, or if the poor thing would recover. I was afraid it would drown seeing that the tide was coming in at that point. Mom suggested that we move it. "Move it? Is it okay to touch a pigeon?!," surprised that mom would let me touch a possibly disease ridden bird. My compassion got the best of me. I put my hands around the bird's wings and began to carry it to a grassy area away from the open sand. The bird only struggled a little. I think it realized that I was there to help. :) When all was said and done, being the concerned, bird loving, beach tourist that I am, I walked up to the tanned and very nice looking lifeguard and explained the whole situation. He said he would call someone (but I had my doubts about that). We walked away, not knowing if the bird would survive. As I worried about it all the way back down the beach, mom reminded me that God remembers even the sparrows that fall out of the sky. That helped a little.


83princess said...

Won't it be awesome to arrive in heaven and have God point out that bird, and tell you that you saved it?
Makes me smile just thinking about it.
I am sure our God took care of that bird, He cares about the things that are in our hearts.

Bethany said...

Aww, random lil story...April, being a fellow concerned, bird loving, beach tourist, I would have definately done the same exact thing. Lifeguards need to be informed about these sort of things yknow. (Psst, is he one of the new acquaintances?) ;o) Can't wait to see you...*lots* to catch up on!