Friday, July 11

First Night on the Town

Tonight was quite a night.  My friends were coming through town to play a show.  So, of course, I wanted to go see them.  But this was the first time I would see them in Nashville.  And since I have only been here for two weeks, I didn't have a whole lot of people to invite to come with me.  I'd have to venture out on my own for the evening.

So the adventure began.  I wasn't quite sure what part of the city I would be driving into but I was delightfully surprised to see well lit streets and not a whole lot of traffic.  The club was right out front and after three u-turns, two parking lot turn arounds, and once around the block I found a safe, secure, not out-of-the-way spot right across the street.  As I walked to the door I was glad I had decided to wear my gold shoes...they fit in way better with the crowd.  The band started playing a few minutes after I stepped inside.  It was a great show.  Just when I think these guys are awesome...they get even better.  Their music is a perfect blend of electronic sound.  It creates an atmosphere that is so loud you can hear the quietness of God in its midst.  I love its driving force and I love to be surprised at the elements they add to each song.  It's good stuff. :)

Being alone in a club is an interesting feeling.  Awkward is the word that comes to mind, but tonight, I embraced the awkwardness, taking in the dimly lit room and the people who live, breathe, and sing in this city they call home.  Afterwards, I waited around a bit and talked to the guys.  What amazes me is how God knew years ago that they would be an encouragement in the journey that I would take.  I had no idea.  I wonder if we ever have an idea about what God is up to until all of a sudden it happens.  I walked away from tonight feeling even more like I had big brothers along the way to my dreams.  I walked away feeling like maybe I could be brave enough to sing to this town.  I drove home feeling like a bird let out of its cage, excited at the prospect of the coming days....ready to work on these songs, ready to write down more, ready to listen.  I've been dreaming of the day I would be set down here, ready to run.  It's happening...

PS - a small bit of wisdom handed down from a homeless man through the lead singer tonight:  "You will make it because you listen to your own music and because you do not look down on anyone around you."  I like that wisdom...I think I will carry it with me too.

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