Saturday, December 21

...deferred makes the heart sick.
...fulfilled is a tree of life.

What is my hope?
Where is my hope?
Who is my hope?

Tuesday, December 10

"Good, better, best never let it rest, until the good is better and the better best."
Words of my great grandmother. Words that have rung in my ears since using them as a slogan in running for president of my third grade class. I lost the race but never forgot the principle. Now that I look at it though, I wonder, what is it in the good that makes us want to strive for more. And when we get to the more than good, the better, how can we know for sure that better itself is not the best? How many times have I stopped short of the best?

This semester, I stand at a crossroads. I'm looking at "better" on a road that came from good. Better is an easier path. Better means that I can rest for a little while. It means that I can stay familiar with what I see now. "Best", however, has been planted in my heart. "Best" calls my name and sends invitations almost daily. If I leave better now, I cannot come back. In my heart, I know that I must sacrifice the present circumstances that seem to fulfill, for future things that will far outweigh what I am looking at today.

Praise God, that He can make sense out of all of this. :)