Tuesday, March 2

Last night I questioned hope. Tonight, I heard the same words from J. We both came from the same family. We both have responded in separate ways. I took the route of compliance, doing anything and everything to please others, in order to be accepted. J. backed away, avoiding places of social discomfort because that is where he was safe. We were both vulnerable. In my vulnerability, I let others define who I became. In his vulnerability, he did not allow himself or others to see the potential that lay below the surface of his broken heart. I overdosed on relationships, while he longed to know the taste of even one or two. Wow.

Now what? How do we change? How do we look inside of our hearts and become the man and woman that God created us to be? How do we overcome this fear? How do we get out of this performance mentality that either propels us towards destruction or paralyzes us from the destiny we were created for? In the words of J., "I don't even know where to begin."

But the word I hear from God tonight is this, "The old has gone. The new has come." It's a new season. God show us how to begin. Show us the fullness of your heart. Teach us to walk in Your path, to delight in Your way. Let us know fullness of joy, let us taste true love, let us know how to dwell in good and pure relationships, let us learn how to trust. Amen.