Saturday, March 28

Tornado Season

Spring is here!  Hail, all programming cancelled to report the weather, tornado sirens, dark clouds, wind.  Yikes!  Honestly, if the bees weren't out there ruling my balcony I'd be out there watching the storm roll through. :)  Oh, there go the sirens again....

Salt and Pepper!

So I was having coffee with a very good friend of mine this morning when all of a sudden she said, "I just have to tell you, I love the salt and pepper in your hair."  Oh man, that's when you know the gray has been left in for too long.    I wasn't offended at all.  In fact, this morning while getting ready I thought, "Well, maybe it's not so bad after all."  Upon hearing my friend's compliment though I realized that the highlights of white and grey were way more obvious than I had thought.  At that point I longed to darken my tressles...not leaving an trace of the aging process.  After all, I haven't even hit 30 yet!  If only I wasn't trying to cut down on spending.  If only it didn't cost at least $60 every six weeks to take care of this problem.  Any suggestions?  Ha. :)

Sunday, March 15

One Year Ago

Tonight I went back to see the archives from one year's amazing to find what has happened in one year.  One year ago tonight I had one of the most incredible dreams ever.  One year ago today I was dreaming of the days I am living in now.  Thought you might like to go back and read...