Sunday, February 13

From The Beginning...

Towards the beginning of September, I began to come around to the thought of meeting someone online. Oh, I had tried before...tried and failed, tried and gave up, tried and promised myself that I would never do it again. But as anyone who has tried online dating knows...even if you have sworn off meeting someone in this way ever again, inevitably, it will not be forever...inevitably, curiosity will win and with the click of a button, hope will rise again.

I was actually quite timid about signing up for Eharmony this time. I was sure that I was jumping the gun, wasting time and money that I could be putting towards something way more practical. I prayed about it though...and told God that I was signing up, and so please could He make something good out of it. There was a really good sale that weekend...I couldn't resist. To go even further, I thought...well, I might as well try Christian Cafe while I'm at it. And if you think I'm giving a plug here...I totally am. I would recommend these sites to anyone.

After a matter of a few weeks and after several short term conversations...I saw Mike's picture. There was something different about him right away. "From a picture?" you might ask. Yes, from a picture...and then from the words of his heart poured out in his profiles. Long story short....we found each other on both sites before ever writing. I couldn't not say hello...and when I wrote to him for the first time, I found out that he had been thinking about writing to me at the very same moment. We began our first conversation on October 11.

You're probably reading to find out how he asked me to marry him. As I thought about how to write it down today, I thought about the fact that he has been asking me all along the way. Not in a matter of the words "will you marry me", but in every other word and action that has shown his intent and his love. I have never felt so unconditionally loved, so cherished, so protected, so full of joy. We laugh together, we get serious together, we forgive each other, and we dream. He doesn't think twice about making sure that I have what I need, about saying sorry first, about kissing me and holding me close whether we are alone or outside for the whole world to see. He chose to spend the holidays getting to know my family and friends. He whisked me away to New York City because I had said how much I had been wanting to get back there for the past ten years. He sends me a text every morning. We talk for hours every night. He bought me a ring and then bought me new tires on the very same day because I hadn't known to get an alignment on my car. He doesn't worry. He loves and trusts God so much. He listens to my heart...he shares his heart with me. And there's no pressure...we just grow in love every day.

Friday night was February 11. Exactly four months after our first email, Mike recreated our first date. He reserved the exact same table we had sat at. He kept talking a mile a minute about his favorite memories and how much he loved me. He kept saying how excited he was. I asked him what all the excitement was about. :) On the inside, I was totally wondering what he was up to. All night long we drove around with him facing the gps away from me (he's not from here so he still isn't sure how to get We stopped at Starbucks for chai's and headed down the park where we had sat talking for hours on a swing the first night we had met. Friday night was VERY cold. We sat on the swing for about 20 freezing cold seconds and then hurried back to the warmth of the car. As we sat in the car we laughed and talked some more, and then there was a moment of quiet and still. I had my head on Mike's shoulder. He began to pray and thank God for how much He had blessed us. He asked God to lead us and guide us. And then, after a few stops and starts...he told me to close my eyes. When I opened them...there was the ring...and Mike telling me that he loved me and asking me to marry him....and I was laughing because I was so happy and so enjoying every moment with this man I have grown to love.

We're getting married this summer!!!

Praise God for the ways in which He leads our lives. Praise God that He knows the desires of our hearts and has the very best in mind for us. I am so very excited to have a best friend for very excited to see each day unfold.

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Meredee said...

I'm so happy for you! I can't believe the similarities in our relationship with yours. We know firsthand the unexplainable connection and deep love that can form very quickly. It's undeniable and only comes from the awesome work of God. We wish you the best and hope you know that you've got two people who completely understand the urgency to be together. Enjoy being swept off your feet. After the summer wedding comes and goes, there will come a time when your realize what a whirlwind everything was. It's an amazing feeling to be so in love. Enjoy every minute of it!