Wednesday, October 20


Us kids traveled home for the weekend to surprise mom and dad. We snuck in late Friday night and then spent all day Saturday looking at pictures, playing games, talking, eating banana pancakes and delicious t-bone steaks (not at the same time, of course). The best part is that they didn't even have a clue about our made the party even better.

Lots of memories.

The party masterminds.

The newlywed travelers. :)

They eventually warmed up to each other. :)

No party is complete without Jim's salsa and a good game of Apples to Apples.

We ended the night with cake and a milk toast. :)

Congratulations on 32 years, Mom and Dad!

You have raised us to love the Lord and love each other. You have taught us so much about forgiveness, hard work, laughter and the unconditional love that brings us home over the years. You've made a lot of sacrifices. You've comforted a lot of bruises and broken hearts. You've helped us dream big. You've taken us on trips and instilled a love of seeing the world. You've surprised us and loved on us. You've taken time to listen and share your advice. Thanks for believing God through all the good times and bad. Thanks for believing in each other. Thanks for believing in us. We love you. :)

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Meredee said...

I like reading things like this. I get a little teared up. We were so blessed to have such wonderful examples of marriage and faith as we grew up. Congrats to your parents!